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    Down to Earth with Zac Efron

    Zac Efron and superfoods expert, Darin Olien, travel the world in search of the secrets to good health, a long life, and a higher level of eco-consciousness — adventure, laughs and goat-milking ensue.  “Down to Earth” is a binge-worthy travelogue, food odyssey, and eco-warrior series that takes the star out of his comfort zone and […]

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    Screen Shot 2019 10 07 at 4.08.33 PM

    Amazon Stand-Up Originals – OUT NOW!

    Alice Wetterlund: My Mama Is A Human and So Am I is Wetterlund’s first stand-up special. Follow the comedian/actor as she recounts her struggles with peeping toms, cat-rearing, alcoholism and the secret alien conspiracy behind New Country music in her breakout comedy special. Best known for her scene-stealing roles in HBO’s Silicon Valley and the […]

  • Russell Ilana
    Russell Ilana

    More Amazon Stand-Up Originals – OUT NOW!

    Russell Peters, the Indian-Canadian comic recently completed a run of shows in the country that included two shows in Mumbai’s SVP Stadium on June 2 and 3 (which was then followed by a Gulf tour which had him perform at Dubai’s Coca-Cola Arena on June 6). Speaking to The National, Peters said those shows, which are […]

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    The Toys That Made Us

    The Toys That Made Us is a 12-episode docu-series about the iconic toy lines of yesteryear. Each hour long episode will dive into past favs, including: Legos, Star Wars, Hello Kitty, Barbie, and many more! New episodes coming out later this year.

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    Behind the Attraction

    The upcoming streaming service just announced Behind the Attraction, a docuseries that will explore the origins of some of Disney’s most popular real-world attractions, how they’ve evolved, and what keeps fans lining up in droves year after year. According to Variety, Disney staple Dwayne ‘The Rock‘ Johnson will co-produce the series via Seven Bucks Productions […]

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    Amazon 1920x1080

    A Toy Store Near You

    Throughout the world, there are hundreds of independently-owned toy stores, each one as unique and endearing as the people that own them. For the loyal customers that flock to them, they’re more than simply an outlet to obtain new treasures; they’re a community. And that community has been disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic as store […]

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    Screen Shot 2019 10 07 at 11.01.45 AM

    Mad About You

    Spectrum Originals has set Wednesday, November 20 for the premiere of Mad About You, the long-in-the-works revival series starring Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt in a reprisal of their original roles. The first six episodes of the Sony Pictures TV-produced limited series will drop November 20, and the final six episodes will be released on […]

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    Discontinued is a funny and informative look at the world’s most famous — and sometimes infamous — discontinued foods, toys, customs and businesses. Set in a mystical warehouse, YouTube star and self-proclaimed “black nerd” Andre Meadows takes viewers down memory lane recounting the rise and fall of these fallen pop culture titans, with the help […]

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    MoviesMadeUs eb 25 placard

    The Movies That Made Us

    Netflix and The Nacelle Company, the brains behind the hit docu-series, The Toys That Made Us, are bringing you a new, equally deep nostalgic dive into pop-culture that entertained the masses. The Movies That Made Us will have you cheering on John McClane and Kevin McCallister in the Christmas Eve battles of their lives. It […]

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    Jim Gaffigan: Quality Time

    Jim Gaffigan is in top form for his 7th comedy special, Quality Time. The 4-time Grammy nominated comedian, doesn’t understand why we aren’t more honest about the reasons we don’t want to attend events, while at the same time embraces lying to kids. From horses and dog birthdays to traveling and museums, Jim continues to […]